How to achieve more accessory sales

By involving just two more departments, you can ensure that those parts and accessory promotions are getting as broad a reach as possible.

Every OEM wants to promote parts and accessory sales, each with their own individual targets.

As a result, dealerships can often find themselves with a whole raft of different parts promotions to deal with - many of which are difficult to market - so it’s completely understandable that the odd sale can get missed.
Not only is that incredibly frustrating, but it causes dealers to miss out on important additional revenue - something that could very easily be avoided with a little help from your dealer management system. 
It’s sometimes easy to forget that your DMS can actually be a very powerful marketing machine - more than capable of generating positive results from promotions

So, what’s the best way to get the most out of what’s available?

In a word, integration - make all elements of your DMS work together to generate revenue, Surprisingly, your campaign needn’t be limited to the marketing department - but can work very effectively with other departments too. Why not integrate the customer care team, or servicing department?

For starters, have the marketing team do what they do best - coming up with a compelling email on how the customer would benefit if they had the particular promoted item fitted to their vehicle.  
This email could direct customers to a website where they can watch a video about the item, or read further promotional literature about it. You could even support it with an SMS or mobile campaign for maximum reach.

Next comes the clever bit.

Create a bespoke, campaign-linked vehicle health check list - then the service technicians can report on whether a vehicle has a particular accessory fitted.

If it doesn’t, owners can be referred to the marketing campaign as part of the health check results - and the benefits of the product can be discussed with them there and then.

Because that message isn’t new, and has already been sent out via a promotional email, customers are likely to have had some time to think about it already - and so this second reminder may well be enough to make them go ahead with the purchase.

Finally, any unsold work from the VHC can be passed straight on to the customer care centre for follow-up. From there, an advisor can phone the customer, and try to convert them into a sale. 

By involving just two more departments, you can ensure that those parts and accessory promotions are getting as broad a reach as possible, and hopefully more conversions in the process.

What’s more, because the DMS provides full reporting throughout the process, you can see just how much revenue is generated against a particular promotion as it progresses - simple!

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