Building the trust with Vehicle Health Checks

To maximise the value of a VHC, dealerships need to re package the offer in a more trustworthy way.

Value for money

Whilst nearly every dealership carries them out, and almost every customer is familiar with the way they work, it can’t be denied that a great majority have become disillusioned with VHCs altogether. The point of performing a health check is to make sure that everything on a customer’s car is as it should be - but if it isn’t, costs are undoubtedly going to be involved. 

As such, when a dealer announces that they’ll be completing a health check on a car, a customer’s first thought is likely to be “Oh no, the dealer is trying to charge me for additional work”. 

Naturally when a dealer points out which items require additional work, the customer is already on the defensive - questioning every item as to whether its replacement is really necessary. 

None of us likes to feel that we’re not getting the best value for money - nor do we like being charged for unnecessary work or paying for things from which we see little benefit. So, it’s not surprising that conversion rates for recommended work are so low. 

All is not lost

Vehicle health checks can be very effective. It all comes down to developing a trust based personal relationship with the customer. 
To maximise the value of a VHC, dealerships need to re package the offer in a more trustworthy way.

How about carrying out a more bespoke, personalised check of the vehicle? For example, owners of older vehicles are generally working to a smaller budget - so why not offer them a reduced-length ‘essentials’ check?

What's the key?

Offer a solution tailored to each individual customer. Why not get marketing involved and brand the checks based on their extensiveness/complexity? - Think premium, lite and economy.
Personalise your approach and customer trust will be increased. If possible, assign a specific advisor to always manage the customer relationship, it’ll go a long way to creating trust and conversion rates.

To really move it up a notch though, dealerships need to have fully-linked dealer management systems making use of telephone based customer care teams to convert unsold work. Service advisors can then be left to– add value through face-to-face relationships. 

And the best bit? Everything is measurable, so you can do more of what works, and stop doing what doesn’t. 

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