Top 5 best practices to look after your DMS server

It doesn’t matter where your server sits, you still need to look after it!

Anything could happen. You need to be prepared.

There are still dealers who choose to operate their own DMS server within their dealership over moving to the Cloud, but it doesn’t matter where your server sits, you still need to look after it!

Here are our Top 5 recommendations

  1. Backing up your DMS

    This should be a carefully planned and managed activity which meets your business and legal requirements; we suggest having a backup schedule in place.

    You should also check:

    • Successful completion of backup
    • Required data is backed up
    • Back up kept in a secure, offsite location


    Ask yourself:

    • Do you know if your backup was successful last night?
    • Where did you keep your backup tape last night?
  2. Physical location

    Ideally your server should be located in a purpose built location providing all of the necessary facilities and services it requires to reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime. There are things everyone should have in place when it comes to protecting their servers:

    • Secure, restricted access location
    • Resilient, clean power feed(s) using uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power generator facilities
    • Alarmed (fire, flood and intruder)
    • CCTV (protect against external attackers)
    • Environmental controls in place (ensuring optimum temperature and humidity)


    Ask yourself:

    • Is your server safe?
    • How would you be alerted to a failure or disaster?
  3. Planning for new hardware

    We know you need to carefully consider when to replace hardware components, however to limit the risk of unavailability and operational reliability it’s recommended you replace server hardware every 3-5 years.
    In order to minimise the disruption to users and the business, downtime needs to be planned out and scheduled carefully.
    New hardware should be reviewed to ensure it provides the capacity for the present and future requirements of the business and software application.

    Ask yourself:

    • How old is your server?
    • Does your server have enough capacity?
  4. Review logs & resource utilisation

    Regular reviews of logs should be carried out to identify problems occurring with hardware components and failed system processes. Logs can also identify when additional resource (Memory, CPU & Disk) should be added to the system.

    Ask yourself:

    • When was the last time you checked your server logs?
    • Do you know how to check for potential problems?
  5. Anything could happen – be prepared

    It doesn’t happen very often, but disasters can and do hit businesses every now and then.
    Your business should understand how it can continue business as usual when facing a disaster.
    We recommend having a documented plan in place so your business can react to a disaster quickly and efficiently, servers can often take several weeks to replace, and this risk must be considered and understood so it can be protected against.

    Ask yourself:

    • How would your business recover from disaster?
    • How long would your business survive without your DMS?

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