The answer lies in the cloud: How to protect your Dealership

Your car is serviced in the hands of the people you trust. It should be no different with your DMS.

Would you let a non-franchised dealer service your car?

There are many benefits to having your car serviced with a franchised main dealer:

  • Quality.
  • Reliability
  • Convenience.
  • Trust.

Knowing your car is in the hands of technicians trained by the manufacturer, using genuine tools and parts gives you confidence the job will be done properly.

Give the finest customer service using the best

When you own a car, you expect it to not only work but also be reliable. It’s no different with your Dealer Management System (DMS). When you are creating a quote for a customer or booking a service, you expect your DMS to be available and working.

Why would you rely on a single point of failure i.e. a single server in your dealership?

Have peace of mind in your DMS platform

You can apply this approach to your DMS platform: Why would you leave such an important investment in the hands of people other than the application author?

Having your DMS running on a platform designed specifically for your DMS, being managed and supported by specialist personnel ensures the same confidence.

Cloud Hosting (HSP) makes sure your DMS is running in an industry best practise environment with all the necessary tools and processes in place making sure your:

  • DMS is available and
  • Your data is secure

The answer lies in the cloud.

Use our customised hosted service to ensure maximum uptime

Cloud Hosting (HSP) has been designed and developed with your DMS in mind.

We offer the only customised hosting service designed to provide the ideal platform for your Dealer Management System. We know how important uptime of your DMS service is which is why we have built fault tolerant infrastructures, using the best of breed technology.

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