Do you see the value in Disaster Recovery?

Why risk your Dealership when a cloud hosted solution ensures your DMS data is secure?

Could this happen to you?

You leave your dealership for the day, your DMS server is running and your backup tape is safely stored off site. You wouldn’t have left it on top of the server, would you?

The next morning, the lights on your server are not flashing and your laptop doesn’t connect to your DMS. When you restart the DMS server, nothing happens.

If you don’t have a Disaster Recovery server, this would be the time to panic, as the lengthy downtime begins.

How long can you last without your DMS?

After logging a support call with your hardware maintenance company, the engineer arrives and your worst fears are confirmed. The server has overheated and caused the power supply to fail, damaging the motherboard and some components.

You now need to source a new server. Your hardware supplier states a 3-5 week lead-time for new server and installation. Will your dealership manage without a DMS for that long?

No more IT headaches

If you move to a Cloud Hosting solution you can ensure your:

  • DMS is always available
  • Data is completely secure

CDK’s customised cloud

CDK has over twenty years’ experience in providing DMS hosting to dealerships across the globe. We now manage more than 225,000 DMS users from our ten strategically located data centres.

The platform includes a service level agreement with disaster recovery built in, ensuring a high level of uptime and the ability to recover from disaster.

Cloud Hosting (HSP) has been designed and developed with you in mind; it is the only hosting service which has been customised to provide the ideal platform for your CDK Dealer Management System.

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