Today’s the age of the customer

Any dealership that simply waves goodbye to a customer as they drive off the forecourt is missing a trick. A BIG trick.

We’re in the age of the customer. Are you doing everything you can to win their business?

Thanks to technology like the Internet, smart phones and social media, car buyers have more information and choice than ever before. Consumers have taken the wheel and they’re not afraid to put their foot to the floor with this new-found power.

Consumers are researching everything about your cars, prices and dealership before they ever step in your showroom. They’re reading the good things (and bad) your past customers have said online and they’re eagerly sharing their own thoughts and experiences. Their journey is not the old straight highway, but an unpredictable route that twists and turns as they gather information and evaluate their choices. They have five-star expectations — and woe to the two-and-a-half-star dealership that doesn’t meet them.

Any dealership that simply waves goodbye to a customer as they drive off the forecourt is missing a trick. A BIG trick.

Their expectations don’t just stop once you’ve won them

Are you doing everything you can to keep in the forefront of their minds for future purchases? If not, that’s practically kicking them into the arms of the competition for their vehicle service, maintenance… and worst of all, for their next purchase.

Modern car buyers aren’t as brand loyal as their parents were. They want to be wooed like a supermodel. You’ve got to make them feel special, give them great offers and build a relationship that shows you care. They expect you to stay in touch and give them the dazzling aftersales treatment they deserve.

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