Start improving business performance

With the data you need at your fingertips, you can start improving business performance from day one.

Does this sound familiar?

“Find spreadsheet. Import data. Fix the numbers that didn’t import correctly. Insert three rows below… no, three rows above. Sort it. Make the graphs. Put the graphs in powerpoint for the presentation. Now double check everything against the original numbers...

Spreadsheets have their uses, but if you’re still using them to run your dealership today, there is a better way.

Why not free up time for your managers to do what they do best? Give your Sales Managers more time to spend selling to customers, or your Aftersales Managers more time to increase workshop productivity. With the data you need at your fingertips, you can start improving business performance from day one with Automotive Business Intelligence.

Welcome to the world of complete digital reporting that is simple, powerful and accurate.  Call up a detailed report at any moment you like, on your own PC screen, with the very latest data at hand. Or simply look over the numbers with your morning coffee, on a custom dashboard with the numbers that matter to you most.

Automotive Business Intelligence gives you up-to the moment access to the Key Performance Indicators you need, such as:

  • Gross and net profits
  • New & Used units sold - this month, YoY or YTD
  • Units in stock over 90 days
  • Service utilisation and hours sold
  • Parts Stock Value

And if you run multiple dealerships, then multiply your savings in time and money (and reporting headaches!)  Because the more people who handle spreadsheets, and the more times those spreadsheets are consolidated into other spreadsheets, the greater the chance for error. It’s only human nature, after all.

Don’t wait for the spreadsheets to wind their way slowly to your desk. Use Automotive Business Intelligence and start making data driven decisions today.

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