How Dealerships can create a better customer experience

With well-managed processes in place, time can be saved and wasted effort avoided.

Most dealerships would agree that running a dealership with effective, well managed, integrated processes is more cost efficient and chances are, your customers will enjoy a better ‘experience’.

It’s a given that customers generally visit their friendly local dealership when their vehicle needs a service – perhaps once a year, for an occasional repair or when it’s time to for a new car. They don’t usually call by to have a chat with the service receptionist or wander into the showroom without purpose.

Loyalty is everything

Because of the relatively rare contact; customers have to be looked after in the ‘empty’ times, as well as when things are more active in the quest for their retention. Dealerships compete for business and loyalty so therefore being professional retailers is critical.

Your performance standards

Customers want and expect to receive the right contact, at the right time and for the correct action to be taken by car dealers – rightly so.

A dealership doesn’t need to dramatically change the way it does things. Think of it more as a refining exercise of what has to happen, when and by whom. To make things easier, the latest generation of fully integrated DMS systems have been designed to enable a dealership to implement and manage customer interaction in a more professional and engaging way. For example, by the nature of the internet the dealership may receive an enquiry whilst it is shut. By using the power of the automated systems within the DMS, your dealership can respond immediately, with the correct information and schedule a subsequent follow up call or email from the Customer Care Centre, all without any human interaction.

You need one view of your customers

In the process-driven dealership, there is real value in positioning the business as a single entity. The customer sees the dealership as one business, so the dealership needs to engage with the customer from the same single point of view. Departmental siloes are a potential barrier to delivering an outstanding customer experience

It may be preferable that all communications are co-ordinated by a single function. By doing so, the sending of a service reminder to a customer who has just part-exchanged their vehicle could be avoided. Likewise, a sales follow-up letter may be best withheld if the customer has just made their third visit trying to rectify a post-delivery problem. An integrated process approach enables a dealership to know exactly where a customer is in the cycle or ‘funnel ‘- whether for an MOT reminder, the purchase of a new family hatchback or a promotional event invitation.

Get personal

With well-managed processes in place, time can be saved and wasted effort avoided. Dealership staff will be in a much better position to devote more time to looking after customers and making them feel special.

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