Great decisions start with great data

With full confidence in your numbers you can pinpoint areas that need attention and see where you can improve profitability.

What if you’re making decisions based on all the wrong numbers?

Great decisions start with great data. When it comes to the success of your dealership, how can you be sure that your decisions are based on a single view of the truth?

Is your data clear and accurate? Does every dealership in your group look at the same set of KPIs? More importantly, are you even paying attention to the right indicators? Are you missing critical data that could improve the profitability of your dealership?

Automotive Business Intelligence gives you 100% accurate data – guaranteed. Reports come straight from your Dealer Management System, so you can feel sure that your reports are calculated correctly right down to the week, day, and even hour.

Automotive Business Intelligence dashboards are clear enough to get every manager the information they need, with red, yellow and green “traffic alerts” that show you exactly where you stand.

You’ll see reports for:

  • Vehicles:  How many new or used cars sold this month? How much profit this year? How many used cars have been in stock for  more than 90 days?
  • Finance:  Are you ahead or behind on net profit? What’s the return on sales? Debtor days?
  • Parts:  Get a clear view of how much you have tied up in stock value and where your gross profits stand. Spot trends before they escalate, make changes and then monitor performance.
  • Service:  Keep tabs on labour turnover, sold worked hours, revenue per technician and department profitability.

You can break down the data by dealership site, compare it all, then drill down to pre-created dashboards for every department.

Automotive Business Intelligence puts your data in a completely new light. With full confidence in your numbers, you can pinpoint the areas which need your attention and see where you can improve profitability even more.  Most of all, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in full command of your data and your dealership.

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