Ways to improve your data goldmine

Data it is your life line; your goldmine - yes, you’re sitting on a invisible goldmine and you might not realise it.

Well managed data = better customer experiences = increased productivity and revenue!

Data is the lifeblood of any dealership and an absolute goldmine for you. However, it’s often fragmented and held in multiple databases with no single view of the same record. The result of this poor data management could lead to a poor customer experience and loss of loyalty.

Your customer information is one of the most valuable assets your dealership has. Yet, you are not alone if you suffer from incomplete, inaccurate customer records. This can severely restrict your ability to interact with your customers and prospects, and hamper your opportunity to increase productivity and revenue.

So how does data influence what the customer thinks of you?

With inconsistent data your customer experience becomes at best shaky. If you own multiple sites and trade under the same name, your customers and prospects will see you as one company. Yet in reality there is no link, no sharing of data. The same customer may receive separate marketing campaigns from multiple branches, they may have updated their records at one dealership, but not told any others and these inconsistencies show.

Your customers might be receiving multiple, possibly inaccurate campaigns, that might contain different data in each piece – not looking good. Does it look like the customer is important to your dealership if the basic details are not correct? How can you expect the customer to trust you to sell them a car or service their car if the basics aren’t correct?

Just one view for multi-channel success

One view of your customers and prospects is critical for your dealership to be able to succeed in this customer experience driven, multi-channel market we operate in. Having a single joined up data base to drive all the functions of your dealership is the only way to enable this single view. Without this, you will simply be passing customers to dealerships who can provide a personalised experience and know how their customers interact with them across multiple channels.

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