A new opportunity: Process driven Marketing

Relationships are key – you need to stand out from other dealerships and offer a new level of service.

Times have changed- Relationships are key

The local paper used to be the main source of information for car buyers but now, of course, the internet has taken over. You don't need me to tell you that this has fundamentally altered the way people buy cars. Of course, buyers still have a process they follow – so dealership marketing needs to align itself with the various stages in that process.

Build trust online

Online research has largely taken the place of conversations with sales executives –this provides you with a great opportunity to build up trust and loyalty with interesting content online, and add real structure to your marketing operation too.

Tools are available to automate and simplify this process in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Internet leads can be handled 24/7, and automated responses can be generated with specific content that's appropriate to the original inquiry. Follow up tasks can be automatically scheduled, be it an email, SMS or phone call. Removing the potential for human failure and ensuring consistent customer service.

Clever stuff! And that's not all.

We can ensure targeted landing pages are used on the website for any responses and build in follow-up actions, such as the provision of additional content, or customer care calls.

So although your customers might not be having face-to-face chats with sales executives in your showroom, you can retain that all-important personal touch.

The word 'relationship' is key – and with our help, you can stand out from other dealerships who are not offering this level of service.

Another great advantage to the modern marketing approach is that everything is measurable. You can set targets and make sure you hit them. Progress can be checked with a couple of quick clicks: response rates, web page views, and so on.

If there are aspects of your marketing process that aren't effective, just change them!

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