Showroom leads: How many of yours are getting away?

So, the customer has committed time and energy in visiting your dealership! The opportunity is now yours to lose.

They have committed to you, now you must commit to them.

The industry talks at great lengths about how the internet has radically altered the way customers interact with the dealership.

Most would agree that by the time the customer walks into the showroom, they will have already completed a great deal of research.

The important element here is that they have now committed time and energy to visiting your dealership. The opportunity is now yours to lose.

Make the journey a smooth one

When a customer has so much choice on where to place their deal, it is the attention to detail and smooth progress to the deal conclusion which will help your dealership stand out.
From a data capture perspective, the challenge for many dealerships is having the Sales team record the leads as they occur.

Many dealerships suffer from inaccurate reporting of leads from within the Showroom. Sales people will usually screen customers and only record those leads which they believe will be converting within a short timescale. Whilst this makes the Showroom performance figures look good, it does nothing to capture customer interest which could be developed using marketing campaigns.

Just because they didn’t buy this time, doesn’t mean they won’t the next time

Even if the customer is not interested in buying a vehicle immediately, they are still a prospect worth nurturing as they have already engaged with your dealership and bought into the values your dealership represents. They may represent an Aftersales or vehicle opportunity based on a future special promotion. The important take away here is recording the leads and enabling marketing to have easy access to your prospect database, meaning you never drop a lead.

What if you could re-engineer your sales process and use a tablet to retrieve or create the customer details, which are then passed to the Sales team to continue the customer buying experience? By recording all leads, the customer details will be available for use in future campaigns.

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