Enquiry Management: The key to future sales

An enquiry is a critical moment because today’s digital natives have come to expect a brisk, positive response -- fast. The quicker you are, the more impressed they'll be.

In today’s message-rich multimedia world, we’re all preparing to shop even when we’re not actually shopping.

The vast amount of information that floods past us on the Internet means we hear a huge amount, good and bad, about all kinds of products every day. This is the place where we begin to consider brands and purchases.

When a customer initiates contact with you, be proud! Your demand generation work has paid off, and you’re at the pole position for the start of the race against your competitors.

An enquiry is a critical moment because today’s digital natives have come to expect a brisk, positive response -- fast. Emails can’t sit in a queue for 48 hours before you reply. Callbacks can’t begin with “Now, what did you want again?” A fast, professional response to enquiries, with personal details remembered, will create the trust needed to win their visit.

The faster you are, the more impressed they’ll be.

And you can be fast with the latest call handling technology. Call scripts can be used to make sure your customers receive that consistent, professional experience. Want to make your team even sharper? Record their calls and use the recordings to train and coach them.

Your CRM database also plays a vital role in effective enquiry management. A single view of your customer means you can manage every interaction they have with your dealership, meaning you can deliver a 5 star level of service to them every time. It means you can do more than track a lead from enquiry to sale: you can give them great customer service and use automated alerts and reminders to make sure you stick to the promises you make. Treat them right during their initial enquiry, and you’re likely to see them in your showroom very soon.

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