Great Central Vauxhall

We don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, the data security, repairs or maintenance. It leaves us to focus on managing the business.
Graham Pinks, Group Accountant Great Central Vauxhall

Great Central Vauxhall protect their data and servers using Cloud Hosting (HSP)

The Customer

Representing Vauxhall and Chevrolet, Great Central Vauxhall is an independent, family run business with four sites and over 60 users in Rugby, Coventry and Daventry. The group is recognised as one of the most prominent dealer groups in the Midlands.

The Challenge

Using external network providers and running their own internet servers, Great Central Vauxhall were leaving their critical business processes exposed.

“We were solely liable for the outcome of any disasters such as power outages, system failures, fire or floods. It was totally up to us to keep backup disks secure, ensure all hardware was safe and systems up to date.” Graham Pinks, Group Accountant.

In 2009, Great Central suffered a major server memory failure followed by a collapsed backup system, resulting in the permanent loss of five days’ worth of data. “It took us over a month to recover from that breakdown – not to mention the loss of credibility with our customers,” Graham Pinks, Group Accountant.

Providing a protected, temperature controlled server environment can require major investments for a dealership. This means Cloud Hosting (HSP) offers an attractive alternative as the business can enjoy top level security in a remote location, at a manageable cost.

The Solution

In 2010, Great Central Vauxhall chose Cloud Hosting (HSP) and also took the opportunity to centralise their Internet and e-mail services with CDK Global. Cloud Hosting (HSP) offers a hosting environment which is fully managed and highly resilient. With complete Disaster Recovery, CDK Global offered Great Central a comprehensive solution limiting the business risk exposure.

The Result

By switching to Cloud Hosting (HSP), the business no longer experienced any major unscheduled downtime and the efficiency of the dealership increased thanks to the faster running servers provided.

The group no longer needed to invest in their own server hardware and operating system software, as they received complete hardware support at a predictable cost.

“We looked at the cost of hosting compared to the actual cost of upgrading and maintaining our own hardware, as our servers were coming up to ten years old, we knew that we would need to upgrade very shortly and it made the option of hosting even more appealing.”
Graham Pinks, Group Accountant

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Great Central Vauxhall

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