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Our technicians are now responsible and accountable for their own time and overtime.

Mobile Service Technician : Help your technicians do more working and less walking


Hendy Group, a successful, family-owned business, is constantly looking at ways to improve its operations, particularly through the use of technology. However, technician job clocking and its perceived inaccuracy is one area that had proved frustrating. Stuart Fitt, Group Service Manager, explained “Currently, one person is responsible for physically clocking on and off each technician as they walk to and from the central clocking station. With over 20 technicians to manage, there can quickly be a 10, 20 or even 30 minute backlog of clockings, making the workshop status screen inaccurate. It’s unacceptable.”


Mobile Service Technician enables a technician to personally clock on and off all their jobs using a mobile tablet device, without ever leaving their workshop bay. Each of their specifically allocated jobs can be quickly identified and with one touch, the service history and full job details can be displayed. Individual tasks that make up a job can be clocked onto individually and are automatically updated within Autoline Drive. A large, timer display provides a live job summary for the technician. They can easily pause jobs where required and resume when needed.


“Our technicians are now responsible and accountable for their own time and overtime” commented Mr Fitt, “So, we know they will be more accurate”. This transfer of responsibility benefits both Hendy and the technicians as they now have verifiable records of time worked, enabling more accurate bonus payments. The technicians want to clock themselves as then there is no ambiguity as to the hours they have worked. Fitt continued, “The improved accuracy has also translated into speedier production of our management reports, with greater accuracy against our KPIs. We see Mobile Service Technician saving our managers a day per month in reporting time alone”.

Mobile Service Technician has benefitted other areas of the Hendy business. Fitt commented, “Our supervisory staff no longer have to burn time monitoring the technicians, meaning more time to spend adding value with customers in pre-diagnosis.” Across the rest of the business, they can also now get an accurate view of current job workflow across the dealership.

For warranty work, Mobile Service Technician is ideal as it provides an accurate breakdown of the time taken for every repair line that makes up the work order. No more ‘whole-job’ clocking and estimating of times taken, which is common practice but frowned upon by vehicle manufacturers.

Asked how Mobile Service Technician has been received, Fitt stated, “Our technicians love it because it’s so easy to use. They simply picked it up and started using it, without any guidance”.

Hendy Group: Established in 1898, Hendy holds multiple retail franchises and a commercial vehicle franchise. In total Hendys has over twenty sites across the UK and employs 550 staff.

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