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We realised that to meet the modern consumer’s buying needs and demands we would need a full inbound telephony solution and this is why we opted for CDK’s CTI
Lyn Porritt, Customer Relations Manager

Jemca Toyota and CDK’s Integrated Telephony – Never Miss a Customer Call

The Customer

The Jemca Car Group was formed after the merger of two successful dealership groups in London in 2003. Today the business consists of twelve centres, four Lexus and eight Toyota. Lyn Porritt is the Customer Relations Manager based at the Bromley site where she manages the group’s call centre.

The Challenge

Jemca understand that the way customers are interacting with dealerships and making their purchases is always changing, and they decided that CTI would be an important cog in the wheel of their five-year plan. “We realised that to meet the modern consumer’s buying needs and demands we would need a full inbound telephony solution and this is why we opted for CDK’s CTI,” she says.

Another big challenge for Lyn and the business was tracking missed calls. Lyn believed that it was imperative they knew how many calls were being missed and she wanted a solution that would allow her team to take action in the future.

“We knew we were missing calls, but we didn’t know how many we were missing per centre. We decided that in order to address this we needed a full blown inbound solution that would enable us to report on and monitor all those calls so we could understand where we were going wrong and, in turn, rectify this,” Lyn says.

The Solution

There were a number of product functionalities that appealed to Lyn and the Jemca Group when opting for CTI, with the call back requests and reporting facility two of the key drivers.

“It helps us with the functionality of call back requests, which enables us to call back the customers quickly and it also gives us logs of those missed calls, allowing us to return the customers’ calls when we are unable to answer.

“Thanks to CTI we also have a full reporting facility to check whether we have enough staff in place or whether we need to increase our staff count in order to answer all our inbound calls,” she says.

The Results

Since its introduction, CTI has helped the Jemca Car Group improve on their telephony processes and the solution is playing a key role in their forward thinking strategic plan, ensuring they are meeting their customers’ needs through an everyday form of contact – the telephone.

“The main benefit the introduction of CTI has brought to the business is the fact we can ensure we make contact with all customers, whether it is inbound or outbound, and we can continue to meet their evolving needs and desires,” Lyn says.

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Jemca Toyota

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